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It's a tricky business for women after 50 to dress younger but not too young

I have been in a boutique business for the past 17 years. So I started in my 30s and now in my 50s I get the issues for women who don't want to look their age but at the same time not to look funny by trying too hard. I get it, I question it every day and try to make my beautiful customers to pick the right outfits. Here is the thing, stop listening to those so called "fashion experts" and follow their "suggestions" what's right for your age. Be yourself but still realistic to yourself. If your legs allow you to wear shorter skirt by all means just do it. If you comfortable in skinny pants wear them. There should be no age limit in fashion. Have fun with fashion and take risks. WHY NOT?!?!

More on that in my next blog

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